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Due to COVID-19, there are still many countries where delivery by EMS is not possible.

When shipping to these countries, we are shipping by EMS premium.

Shipments with a shipping number starting with 'UP' are sent by EMS Premium (UPS), and additional shipping charges are paid by RaMcube.

Please take this into account when purchasing.

We ask for your understanding that it is not possible to confirm every day because the areas where EMS delivery is not possible change from time to time.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased our dolls.

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Our site has a notification function.

Log in to the site and click on bell icon.

If you click the bell-shaped icon, you will see various alarms, including the answers we sent you.

If you have an answer or a message, the icon displays a number.

If you have an answer to your inquiry or a message that you have not yet verified, a number will be displayed on the icon.

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  • Only EMS(EMS Premium(UPS)available) : If you want EMS premium delivery, 

          please check "Additional Information" in order form - "EMS Premium shipping" select.

  • Kuwait will only be sent to EMS premium.
  • When you choose EMS Premium, there will be an additional charge. 

         and we will send you a notification regarding the additional amount to your account.

         Delivery will be delayed if no additional payment is made.

Check personal notifications:

Click My Name -> Click the bell icon

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+ 2020 year update +

* Skin color : Pastel peach / Peach white / Cream white / White can be select.

* Beige brown skin is not available.


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RaMcube has an official shopping mall for overseas users.

And always open for overseas users.

However, we are able to use the dealer shop because of the difficulties in language problems and differences in payment methods.

Sometimes, problems encountered when using an our official dealer shop(or overseas proxy purchase) :

For example, if you have not received an item(request a refund), or excessive shipping delay, and seller's no response, etc...

We can not solve it all for dealer shop users.

We do not know the identity and purchase details of the dealer shop user.

Ask the dealer shop about any problems when you dealer shop used.

If you need product A/S, please tell it through dealer shop.

If the dealer shop tells us, we will try to solve it.

We are providing the official dealer shop with sales fee.

Please note that RaMcube will not be able to compensate the dealer shop user for damage occurred by the use of the dealer shop after this notice.

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DOLK - Japan / China / Overseas

Site : http://dolk.jp / http://dolk.taobao.com / http://dolkus.com

BIG BJD - China(Shanghai)

Site : http://shop116502164.taobao.com

Guardian Angel - Taiwan

Site : http://class.ruten.com.tw/user/index00.php?s=desison32


Timeless Sweet & toys - Thailand

site : http://www.bjdtimeless.com / https://www.facebook.com/BJD.Timeless/


RaMcube always welcomes your cooperation proposition. 

E-mail : rambjd@gmail.com    

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The re-makeup service is only available for those who applied for makeup when buying a doll.

* Available service types: All types of RaM No.6 / All types of RaM No.2 / RaM+Plus / Event(Possible to update later)

* No service type: All types of RaM No.1

This service will be reworked by returning the head to the RaMcube office if you wish to re-apply the default makeup due to damage to the applied makeup.

You can apply for this service in the '+Option' category.(Re-Face up item)

After ordering and payment, please deliver the doll to the RaMcube office.

Send Address: RaMcube (Tel: +82.10.8330.2708)

507ho, 16 Ilsan-ro, Ilsan-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

ZIP CODE : 10449


Shipping costs will be added when you apply for service.

- Precautions -

* This service takes about two weeks after receipt of the head.

(Depending on weather conditions and work schedule, there may be slight changes.)

* Please do not erase damaged makeup or other makeup when you send the head.

You can prevent additional damage that may occur during the erase process.

* When you send the head, please do not enclose any other items because of the risk of loss.

Sometimes the head is sent without removing the eyeball.

If so, we will be safely repacked together with the completed head.

RaMcube is not responsible for any damage to accessories during the shipping process.

* The head cap and head box will be replaced with a new one when resent.

If you want to return the used box and head cap when you send to us, please contact us when you ordering.

We will be send it together with head.

* Sorry for those who did not apply for default makeup when purchasing a doll, but they cannot use the re-makeup service.

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RaMcube does not supply dolls except in Korean shopping malls, overseas shopping malls, and our official dealers.

Copying and selling RaMcube dolls elsewhere is illegal.

If you find any sites or individuals that are doing something illegal, please report them.

RaMcube also regulates the personal reproduction of RaMcube dolls.

The discovery of these torts can lead to legal punishment.

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Customers who need to change their shipping address for personal reasons

Please leave your name and order number on the bulletin board along with the changed address.

If your order is in the "Before shipping" step, you can change your address in your order history.

Change Certificate Owner

The certificate will be sent with the name of the orderer and the shopping mall ID.

If you would like to make a change, please request a change before "Before shipping" step.

Even if the orderer's name and the recipient's name are different, they will be sent to the orderer's name.

Please note that the certificate buyer's name cannot be changed after '"Before shipping" step.

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Below is the process damage that can occur during the production of dolls,

Please note that exchanges and returns due to such matters are not possible.

  • Asymmetry at the time of prototype making
  • Internal finish of parts
  • Small bubbles in parts except face(front) of head part
  • Small dust in the parts except face(front) of head part
  • Slight color difference between parts
  • Minor gap between parts
  • Parting line appearing when mold cutting
  • Removal of gate (sandpaper) mark during urethane replication
  • Minor differences in color when removing the gate part
  • Slight color difference during urethane replication
  • Blacking phenomenon according to thinly made parts (such as magnet or ear / eyelids)

The process damage of the Beige brown skin is the same as above.

Due to the nature of the Beige brown skin, the above process damage may look more pronounced.

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Compatibility other companies

RaMcube does not make dolls with compatibility in mind other companies.

All parts of RaMcube are the most natural compatible with RaMcube parts.

Please check the detailed dimensions of the doll for compatibility with other dolls.

RaM No.6 size is compatible with 17SD body (65cm or larger) and 17SD / 13SD (8~9 / 9~10 inch) head.

RaM No.2 size is compatible with USD size (25CM or larger) body and USD (5~6 inch) head.


For skin color

Pastel peach skin is generally designed to be compatible with many other companies normal colors.

Peach white (Pink/Rose white) / Cream white (Lemon white) / White (Gypsum white) are somewhat compatible with their usual color (in parentheses).

some color difference may occur depending on yellowing or production time.

If RaMcube unique skin color (beige brown skin), you may not know if it is compatible with other companies.

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Most shipping takes about two months from the full payment date.

In some cases, the duration may be slightly delayed or pulled.

If there is a delay, we will inform you about the period by pop-up notice.

For other products except dolls

Will be shipped on the same day depending on availability.

We use EMS for delivery.

EMS Premium(UPS) is also available.

If you want to shipping by EMS Premium, please check "Additional Information" in order form - "EMS Premium shipping" select. 

Kuwait will automatically be shipped to EMS Premium.

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Layaway User Guide

If you do not set a period, the principle is 3 months.

(Example: 2020.01.01 Order-> 2020.04.01 Deadline for Payment)

Please make your first payment within 48 hours after placing your order.

The first installment amount is greater than 30% of the total amount paid.

(This is to prevent the cancellation of the order due to the unpaid after the first payment and to increase the efficiency of the production.)

In the case of full payment, a production period of about two months occurs from the date of payment, regardless of the three-month deadline.

3 months + additional payment deadline : please contact us on the Q & A board or 1:1 care center.

How to Layaway order

1. Press the 'Purchase now' button or 'Add to Cart' button from you want to buy items page.

2. After inputting the details in the order form and please select 'Layaway order' in Shipping note.

3. 'Layaway' select in Payment method.

4. Press 'Pay' button, and please pay your first payment for your Layaway order.

* You can check the Layaway payment process in the Log-in->'My(at the top of the homepage)-> Order detail button-> shipping note section.

Please note that the 'payment confirmation' will not be made until full payment is made on the basic system in the homepage.

 If cancel order or not paid remainder in a purchase order deadline , there is no refund for prepaid.

If you have different opinions about the layaway, please contact us in Q & A board or 1:1 care center.

We will strive to reflect your comments.

Thank you.

RaMcube paypal ID : rambjd@gmail.com

Payment link : http://paypal.me/ramcube

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Deposit must be made within 48 hours of receipt of order.

First deposit for Layaway, please also make deposit within 48 hours.

If the payment is delayed, your order will be automatically cancelled.

If you would like to postpone the payment due on special circumstances, please leave a message on the Q&A board.

We will adjust for your convenience.

However, frequent modification of the deadline or intentional cancellation of the order may result in disadvantages in the use of the shopping mall.

Please be careful when purchasing a doll.

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The 'Certificate of Authenticity' is a document indicating that you have purchased and owned a genuine RaMcube doll.

All dolls currently purchased at RaMcube will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity. 

If you purchase the main body, a certificate for each head and body will be included.

Please be sure to keep the certificate, as it is necessary to receive the service related to the certificate event or product after-sales service in the future.

!! When uploading photos on social media, such as reviews, be careful not to expose the certificate portion.

-Possibility that the image of the certificate can be steal. !!

We will not reissue for a lost or damaged Certificate of Authenticity.

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If there is a problem while playing the doll you purchased from RaMcube

Please attach a picture and explain of the part to the Q&A board.

We will guide you after determining the damage degree check and whether or not A / S.

Depending on the condition, we will solve through a paid exchange or a simple process.

The doll must have a 'Certificate of Authenticity'

Parts other than head and body-For parts without a certificate, the certificate is excluded.

You are responsible for paying the shipping cost for A/S of damaged parts.

Return shipping fee will be paid by RaMcube.

If a defect is found in an unused RaMcube doll

Within 7 days after receipt of the goods, please post a description with a photo on the Q&A board.

After confirmation, we will replace the new product.

Contact us about this parts.

Even within 7 days,

Dolls that are damaged (including makeup) during your simple remorse or play cannot be exchanged or refunded.

A / S of Default face-up applied for with doll at RaMcube

Re-makeup service of limited default makeup is available in + Option category.

For more information, please refer to the 'Remake Service for Limited Dolls' section.

Please note that the color of changed dolls and parts may vary.