Compatibility other companies(Size/Skin color)

Compatibility other companies

RaMcube does not make dolls with compatibility in mind other companies.

All parts of RaMcube are the most natural compatible with RaMcube parts.

Please check the detailed dimensions of the doll for compatibility with other dolls.

RaM No.6 size is compatible with 17SD body (65cm or larger) and 17SD / 13SD (8~9 / 9~10 inch) head.

RaM No.2 size is compatible with USD size (25CM or larger) body and USD (5~6 inch) head.


For skin color

Pastel peach skin is generally designed to be compatible with many other companies normal colors.

Peach white (Pink/Rose white) / Cream white (Lemon white) / White (Gypsum white) are somewhat compatible with their usual color (in parentheses).

some color difference may occur depending on yellowing or production time.

If RaMcube unique skin color (beige brown skin), you may not know if it is compatible with other companies.