Default Makeup A / S Policy

The re-makeup service is only available for those who applied for makeup when buying a doll.

* Available service types: All types of RaM No.6 / All types of RaM No.2 / RaM+Plus / Event(Possible to update later)

* No service type: All types of RaM No.1

This service will be reworked by returning the head to the RaMcube office if you wish to re-apply the default makeup due to damage to the applied makeup.

You can apply for this service in the '+Option' category.(Re-Face up item)

After ordering and payment, please deliver the doll to the RaMcube office.

Send Address: RaMcube (Tel: +82.10.8330.2708)

507ho, 16 Ilsan-ro, Ilsan-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

ZIP CODE : 10449


Shipping costs will be added when you apply for service.

- Precautions -

* This service takes about two weeks after receipt of the head.

(Depending on weather conditions and work schedule, there may be slight changes.)

* Please do not erase damaged makeup or other makeup when you send the head.

You can prevent additional damage that may occur during the erase process.

* When you send the head, please do not enclose any other items because of the risk of loss.

Sometimes the head is sent without removing the eyeball.

If so, we will be safely repacked together with the completed head.

RaMcube is not responsible for any damage to accessories during the shipping process.

* The head cap and head box will be replaced with a new one when resent.

If you want to return the used box and head cap when you send to us, please contact us when you ordering.

We will be send it together with head.

* Sorry for those who did not apply for default makeup when purchasing a doll, but they cannot use the re-makeup service.