Points to note when ordering from an official dealer shop

RaMcube has an official shopping mall for overseas users.

And always open for overseas users.

However, we are able to use the dealer shop because of the difficulties in language problems and differences in payment methods.

Sometimes, problems encountered when using an our official dealer shop(or overseas proxy purchase) :

For example, if you have not received an item(request a refund), or excessive shipping delay, and seller's no response, etc...

We can not solve it all for dealer shop users.

We do not know the identity and purchase details of the dealer shop user.

Ask the dealer shop about any problems when you dealer shop used.

If you need product A/S, please tell it through dealer shop.

If the dealer shop tells us, we will try to solve it.

We are providing the official dealer shop with sales fee.

Please note that RaMcube will not be able to compensate the dealer shop user for damage occurred by the use of the dealer shop after this notice.