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This is about the new release of H.Ray.

H.Ray head is made with a half-eye version of the Ray head.

Another look of Ray Head was created.

With the new release of H.Ray head, Ray head will be re-released as well.

We prepared with RaMcube original makeup and various options.

Order period: 2021.03.24 14:00 ~ 2021.03.26 14:00(KST)

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Two new basic hand parts have been released.

Product Name: Basic Hand Parts
It is designed in a different shape from the hand parts included in the RaM No.6 body.

Product Name: Basic Hand Part 01
One right hand part is sold separately.

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We are deciding to change the skin color options and order period of Knut.
We would like to thank all the support and encouragement we have sent to the first release of the Knut type.

We have decided to upgrade our order options to meet the demands of many customers.
The skin color can be selected from four types: pastel peach / peach white / cream white / white.
As a result, the order period close will be extended from 20. Feb to 22. Feb.

For those who have already ordered and want to change the skin color,
It is possible to make a request through the 1:1 customer center or the Q&A board in order period.

Thank you.

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RaMcube 10th Anniversary Event

An event prepared by RaMcube, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year-
It started in 2011 at Rapa's Factory and mark the year 2021 in RaMcube.
We prepared with a heart that rewards the heart that you loved for 10 years.

10 times more purchase points
10% point of purchase will be applied to all products sold.
The same will be applied to future products.

This event will be held during one year.(2021)

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This is the RaM No.2 size head introduced after a long time at RaMcube.

 It is released in limited quantities, and only in pastel peach skin.

 One head consists of three types teeth parts, so you can create a variety of facial expressions.

Order period : 2021.02.18 14:00 ~ 2021.02.20 14:00 (KST)

RaM No.2 Bust

 It is made in the same shape as the existing RaM No.6 Bust to emphasize functionality.

 You can choose from 4 skin colors.

Order open scheduled to start from 14:00 on February 18, 2021(KST).

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Order period: 2021.02.04 14:00 ~ 2021.02.06 14:00 (KST)

Release Type: Mori / Jei / Lamu / Ron 

Please refer to each sales page for detailed release specifications.

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EMS shipping costs have risen due to COVID-19.

The shipping cost, which was previously set by weight, has been changed to the volume ratio, and a special shipping fee has been added.

Please note that the weight of each product has changed according to the shipping cost due to a system problem in which shipping costs are set by weight.

The weight of a product is not related to the actual weight of that product.

We hope your understand.

Thank you.

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RaMcube Artist Limited Release Notice
* RaMcube Artist Limited is a work created by RaMcube's main makeup artist for only one head.

Sales period: 2021.01.11 14:00 ~ 2021.01.12 14:00
Release Type: Mune / Kei

It is sold on a first-come, first-served basis for each one.

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RaMcube Re-release

 Order period: 2020.12.17 14:00 ~ 2020.12.18 14:00(KST)

 Re-release type: Sei / Inno / Coma / R.Whiru

 These types that received the most requests this year on the re-release request board.

 Hope this is good news for those who wished to re-release.

Thank you.

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Order period: 2020.11.23 14:00 ~ 2020.11.24 14:00(KST) 

Release Type: Felix 

Basic composition: Head + Horn + Certificate + Default box + Head plate + RaM+Plus sticker 

Skin Color: Pastel Peach / Peach White 

* Artist limited simultaneous release - Limited to 1 worldwide