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Since there were many inquiries about re-release, we have prepared a request board separately.

Types with many requests will be reflected in the re-release schedule.

Re-release is not regular, and changes according to the new release schedule.

Please fill out the existing type or custom type, corresponding skin color on the request form.

(You can also add skin colors that have not been released before.)

We plan to re-release according to requests gathered for a certain period of time.

We ask for your interest and participation.

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RaMcube's certificate of authenticity has been changed to a card-type certificate.

It will be applied to dolls to be released in the future, and basic dolls will be issued with the corresponding certificate from the order of July 2020.

Existing certificates also have the same effect as changed certificates.

Therefore, it is not possible to apply to change an existing certificate into a card certificate.

The owner's name will not be indicated in the changed certificate.

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Order period : 2020.06.01 12pm ~ 2020.06.02 12pm(KST)

Included : Head + Head plate + Head cap + Certification card + Default case

Skin color : Peach white

* This product does not contain makeup. *

Shipping preparation period : 2 Months

limited quantity / Pre-order / 1 head per person of the same type can be ordered 

If all the quantity in stock within the sales period is sold, it will be sold out.

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Felix head + Bust Full set release

Order period : 2020.05.27 / 12pm ~ 2020.05.29 / 12pm (KST)
If there are no buyers within the sales period, the sale ends

* Included : Artist Limited Faceup Felix head + Bust + Artist limited brushing Horn parts + Eyes + Wig + Blouse set  + each Certification card + Default Box

* Pastel peach skin / Peach white skin.(Head + Bust)

* Wig / Blouse set Production and sale : Nine9 Style

* Since the horn parts are transparent, It may see the magnet for head attachment.

* Limited to one set per type.(First-come order)

* Preparation period : 2 Months

** Products shipping may be delay due to the COVID-19. **

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Bust first order is as follows.

Order period : 2020.05.27 /12 pm ~ 2020.05.29 /12 pm (KST)

Event price : $210 (first order commemorative discount)

Purchasing benefit : 10 points

Pre-order / no quantity limit

* This product will be sold as Basic in the future.

The basic sales schedule will be updated in the future.

When selling to Basic, the price will be raised to $230,

Points are adjusted to 1% of the purchase amount.

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