[New] V.Lamu

This is V.Lamu head order info.

Order period : 2023.08.16 14:00 ~ 2023.08.23 14:00(KST)

RaM No.6 / 17SD / 65cm compatible size head.

It's a vampire version that was original Lamu first released in 2014.

It has been remodeled from the original form of the Lamu original type to the current upgraded formative technology of the RaMcube,

As a result, the size of the head, symmetry (balance), outer line, and inside of the head have been modified as a whole.

* V.Lamu head is A Face up / B Face up - 2 types Face up are available for option selection.

* You can choose from 4 skin colors: Pastel Peach / Peach White / Cream White / White.

We look forward to your interest in this order.

Thank you.