[New] Q-Bi_02

This is a Q-Bi_02 type release guide.


Release schedule: May 31, 2023 at 2 p.m. to June 7, 2023 at 2 p.m.(KST) 

This is Q-Bi's second type head.

We are introducing a new head that's made of a softer three-dimensional feel.

We made it with a more soft image than the head of the first type of Q-Bi.

We emphasized a little bit of shyness and a softer feeling through two types of Default face up.


Q-Bi type is SD size head compatible with YoSD size body.

It contains all the cuteness from eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheeks, and head size. :)

In consideration of compatibility, the neck circumference of the head is made to match the existing YoSD size ball joint doll body.

The body in the picture is Volks YoSD Normal Skin Body (Q-Bi: Pastel Peach - A type) and

Dollypop [A:Chu] Milk Skin Body (Q-bi: Peach White - B type).

The head circumference is made in 9 inch, so that you can wear SD size wigs.

For elastic cap wigs, you can also wear an 8-inch wig.

Existing 9-10 inch wigs can be worn comfortably.

The eyeball fits well with the 20mm eyeball.

You can wear it freely from 16mm to 22mm depending on your preference.

The eyeball in the picture is wearing a 20mm glass eyeball.

Skin colors can be ordered in [Pastel Peach / Peach White / Cream White / White] 4 skin colors.

When you order a head, you can additionally select two types of default face up : A type and B type.

Please pay a lot of attention to this new release.

Thank you.