[New] No.0 Head & Artist Limited 4 types release

No.0 head compatible with USD / OB11 size has been released. 

No.0 head is a head where you can freely make a face.

The head size is made to be compatible with the USD size, so the wig and body are freely compatible.

We have confirmed that the head composition : neck parts / silicone parts when use, Obitsu / Nendoroid / Piccodo bodies are also compatible.

Feel free to decorate with the face helper we released together :)

-Order list-

Artist limited 4 types (each 1 limited)

No.0 head (Pre-order / Period limited)

-Order period-

2021.05.24 2pm ~ 2021.05.26 2pm (KST)

Artist limited 4 types are may be order close when inventory sold out within the period.

No.0 head pre-orders can be purchased within the period.