[re-release] DM.Camill

Which was released in 2018 DM.Camill type is re-released.

Order period: 2021.07.08 14:00 ~ 2021.07.12 14:00 (KST)

At the time of its first release, it was a popular type that broke a records in RaMcube.

There were constant requests for re-release.

In response to many requests from customers, we have decided to apply RaM+Plus to this re-release.

(At this order, discounted price when first release of the RaM+Plus set is not provided.)

RaM+Plus benefits and 10 times the 10th anniversary purchase point accumulation are also provided.

RaM+Plus: If you purchase the head and ear parts together, you will receive a RaM+Plus sticker, which is provided as a RaM+Plus privilege.

Collect 5 stickers, attach them to the RaM+Plus sticker book, and send them to the RaMcube office, and we'll send you the head your wish one head for free.

(Please inquire about the type of application before applying.)

More information about RaM+Plus can be found on the 'FAQ' board.

For types that are difficult to re-release because there are few requests for re-release, you can apply for the desired head by using RaM+Plus.

We ask for your interest in this re-release.

Thank you.