[Re-release] No.001 Head

This is the No.001 head re-release order info.

This is a re-release that proceeds after receiving a re-release request through the re-release request board.

As the image at the first release, we prepared so that you can apply for makeup and options.

We hope it will be good news for those who wish to re-release No.001 type.

Order period : 2022.08.24 14:00 ~ 2022.08.31 14:00(KST)

RaM No.6 / 17SD / 65cm compatible size head.

It is a resin production head of the existing ball jointed doll structure that is compatible with the existing ball jointed doll body.

Made in an animation style.

It is possible to wear the same eyeball as the existing ball jointed doll head.

With a gentle smile, it is a head with a charm that makes viewers smile along with it.

Depending on the makeup, various attractive faces can be realized.

Head 001 is A Face up / B Face up - 2 types are available for option selection.

You can choose from 4 skin colors: Pastel Peach / Peach White / Cream White / White.

We look forward to your interest in this order.

Thank you.