[New] Ravi : 2022 version

The Ravi Head, which was first produced and released in 2014, will be re-released in 2022.

The Ravi Head, which has been loved steadily since its first release, will be introduced again with more stable compatibility and improved finishing conditions in 2022.

* The inside and outside finishing conditions of the head have been improved to the current standards.

* The throat of the head has been improved to make it more stable to compatible with the USD-sized body.

* The line at the back of the neck has been improved to make it look more natural when viewed from the front.

* The plate at the back of the head was changed to a small plate.

* In addition, additional Neck parts have been made to be compatible with Obitsu 22 size bodies so that customers can enjoy them according to their various tastes.

Please be very interested in this order as well.

Thank you.