Artist Limited Felix Only 1 Limited

Order period : 2020.11.23 14:00 ~ 2020.11.24 14:00(KST)

* Included : Artist Limited Faceup Felix head +  Artist limited brushing Horn parts  + Head plate + Head cap + Certification card + Default case + RaM+Plus sticker + Sticker book

Skin color : Peach white

* Since the horn parts are transparent, It may see the magnet for head attachment.

* Limited to one set per type.(First-come order)

* Shipping preparation period : 1 week

Delivery may not be available in some areas due to COVID-19.

Please order after confirming in advance whether EMS delivery is available in the area where you will be shipping.

This product is shipped from Korea.

When applying for EMS premium, you can charge an additional amount.